Branding, Stationary

Echol is a new Korean restaurant based in San Diego, California. They wanted a fresh new logo that better represents who they are.

Sketching Phase

Starting any project, I like to sketch out whatever comes to mind of the subject. I began to sketch and whatever came to my mind when I thought of korean symbols and foods.

Versions of logo
Draft Phase

After pages, and pages of getting no where with the sketches. I decided to try and go straight to illustrator. Hoping my client would be able to see the vision better when it's 40% done, I drew out sample logos and send him the draft, and well he loved them!

Versions of logo
Final Design

The new logo was hand drawn to help give it more of a fun element. The little elements reperesent food elements used in Korean cuisine. The new logo incorportates a traditional korean style of design, with more modern elements to help keep it new and fresh.

Versions of logo