Branding, Stationary

Echol is a Korean restaurant based in San Diego, California who is dedicated to bringing a fresh new outlook on traditional Korean food. I wanted to create a fresh visual identity that reflect their products while also incoperating their korean background.

Sketching Phase

Starting any project, I like to sketch out whatever comes to mind of the subject. I was inspired by their korean background and the current design trends. I wanted them to have a logo that is up to date but would also age well.

Versions of logo
Draft Phase

After pages, and pages of sketches and declined logos. I moved to illustrator, hoping that with adding some colour we would find the perfect logo that represents them as a brand.

Versions of logo
Final Design

The new logo was hand drawn to help give it more of a loose artistic look. The little elements represent food items used in Korean cuisine. The new logo incorportates a traditional korean style of design, with more modern elements to help keep it new and fresh.

Versions of logo